Refinishing a railing is an expensive and time consuming process that's necessary every few years. But a Vanguard railing is designed to give you a lifetime solution that will resist the weather’s worst. No stripping, resurfacing, repainting, or lost weekends. And maintenance? Simply spray it clean and wipe it down if dirt starts to accumulate.


Our railing colors are applied in our eight-stage finishing process that includes testing to ensure uniform color and gloss, consistent thickness and resistance to impact, abrasion and chemicals. Our super durable TGIC powder coating is specifically designed for harsh exterior conditions. It easily meets AAMA-2604 standards, which ensure five years of harsh UV exposure in Florida, 3,000 hours of humidity, and salt-spray resistance.


It's easy to find the picket style you want. Whether your home or business has a contemporary or traditional style, you can choose a railing that’s compatible with it. Picket choices include Standard Square Pickets, Twisted Pickets, Hammered Pickets, and Collar Pickets with distinctive detailing that can be arranged at whatever height you choose. You can also choose your own alternating pattern for a unique look. There’s even a traditional, decorative pattern that can be alternated with the pickets to achieve a wrought-iron look.