Superior Manufacturing

Vanguard Aluminum Fences’ highly advanced manufacturing facility leads the industry in quality production.

High-Grade Aluminum

All of our aluminum structural components are made from marine-grade alloys that are highly proven for superior strength, durability and corrosion resistance. In addition, our domestic aluminum suppliers are held to the highest standards for metal quality, and for dimensional and wall size tolerances.

AAMA Certification

As a certified AAMA 2604 coatings applicator, all of our aluminum fencing products are finished with a highly durable powder coating with a cured film thickness of at least 2 mils.

In accordance with the AAMA criteria, we consistently produce aluminum fencing products that achieve superior performance characteristics for:

  • Color uniformity
  • Specular gloss
  • Impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance

Further, Vanguard has successfully passed the mandatory AAMA 5-Year South Florida weathering test, ensuring our aluminum fencing achieves superior test results for:

  • Color retention
  • Chalk resistance
  • Gloss retention
  • Erosion resistance