Aluminum Fences

Vanguard aluminum fencing is manufactured in a new, automated state-of-the-art facility that eliminates product defects and inconsistencies. Each part of a Vanguard high-strength aluminum fence goes through an eight-stage process where it is cleaned, pretreated, powder coated and rigorously tested to ensure it meets the highest degree of quality.

All of our aluminum fence materials are produced and assembled in the United States to the highest standards of quality. Even the screws and fasteners in a Vanguard aluminum fence are high-quality stainless steel, including nylon patches that prevent screws from backing out. The paint we apply is a super-durable TGIC powder coating specifically designed for harsh exterior applications.

What does that mean to you, the homeowner? It means you’ll own an aluminum fence with a lifetime warranty that will last a lifetime. It also means peace of mind, because your aluminum fence won’t need to be repainted or maintained the way a lesser quality fence would. Vanguard Aluminum Fences also allows for custom colors and designs that other manufacturers can’t or won’t match.