Custom Aluminum Fence Orders

Because we build Vanguard aluminum fences here in the United States in a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we’re able to fill custom orders that other fence companies can’t or won’t do. Standard Vanguard aluminum fence colors are black, bronze or white. If you want to upgrade to a custom color, we can match your choice to the RAL color system (the standard manufacturing color system). We’ll even work with you to create a custom-designed aluminum fence at the height you specify.

Truly Custom, Not Customized

Many U.S. producers will claim to make custom aluminum fence products, but in reality they are only retrofitting their standard product, resulting in less than optimal results. We are committed to producing truly custom aluminum fences and gates specifically made for your project. And unlike other companies, every Vanguard custom order is finished with our in-house powder coating process which ensures a quality look and durability that lasts.

Feel free to browse our Photo Gallery of Custom Work or our extensive list of specification sheets and CAD drawings in our Resources Library.

For more information about custom aluminum fence orders and pricing, use the Dealer Search above and call your local Vanguard dealer.

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