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Aluminum Fence FAQ

What are the benefits of owning an aluminum fence over other types of fence products?

  • A properly constructed and painted aluminum fence is virtually maintenance free unlike other types of fences.
  • Available in 4 different colors unlike other maintenance free fencing options.
  • Attractive and unobtrusive designs compliment any setting

What is the warranty?

Your Vanguard aluminum fence comes with a lifetime limited warranty, a copy of which is included for your review and consideration.

How many different grades of aluminum fencing are available and how do I know which one will be best for my application?

Vanguard Aluminum Fences are available in 4 different grades of products. 1) Reliant - Our most popular residential aluminum fence line. Constructed using a high strength 5/8" picket and 1" Horizontal U Channel. This product is suitable for residential swimming pools, perimeter fencing, and garden or landscape fencing applications. This fence line is a favorite among landscape Architects trying to design a setting needing a fence but who don't want the fence to stand out. 2) Avant - Also a residential or light commercial fence with similar applications to that of the Reliant. Constructed using a high strength 3/4" picket and a 1"x 1-1/2" Horizontal rail, this product line certainly makes a design statement. Ideal for an application where the fence is a vital component and necessary element in the design. 3) Series 1 Industrial - This line of products is constructed using a high strength 1" picket and 1-5/8" Horizontal U Channel. Suitable for municipal buildings, playgrounds, office parks, condominium and townhouse complexes, public swimming pools and parks. 4) Series 2 Industrial - This line of products is constructed using a high strength 1" picket and 1-3/4" Horizontal U channel. Same applications as those listed above in the Series 1 industrial but will provide added structural security.

What are your standard colors?

Black, Bronze, White

Will you paint custom colors?

Yes, Please do note that powder is purchased in 55 lb boxes and smaller projects may be cost prohibitive.

Do you have touch up paint?


What are your standard heights?

Reliant Line - 36", 48", 54", 57", 60", 72" Avant Line - 48", 52", 54", 60", 72" Series 1 and 2 Industrial - 48", 60", 72", 84", 96"

Will you manufacture a special height aluminum fence?

Yes, We're always happy to manufacture a custom height which best suits your application. This service is often provided at no additional cost to you. Ask your Vanguard Fence Dealer for details.

What are you standard single aluminum gate widths?

36-1/4" , 48-1/4", 61-1/4", and 72-1/4". Please note that the sizes listed are opening sizes.

What are your standard double aluminum gate widths?

71-3/4", 95-3/4", 121-3/4", 143-3/4". Please note that the sizes listed are opening sizes.

Do you manufacture accent aluminum gates?

We do manufacture single and double arch aluminum gates in the same sizes listed above.

Will you manufacture special size aluminum gates?

We do manufacture special height and also special width gates to a customer specifications. This service will extremely enhance the project finish since you no longer need to drill holes into an existing walk, have gates post not placed neatly against your walk or will you need to incur large cost back filling large voids under the fence so the rails along the top line up. This service is often provided at no additional cost to you.

Do your aluminum gates include hardware?


Does your aluminum fence rack to follow the uneven grades of my property?

Yes. Our 6' wide sections of Reliant and Avant will provide 8-10" of rack while our 8' wide sections of Avant will provide 10-12" of rack per section. Please note that Avant Sections constructed with rings do not rack and changes in elevations need to be addressed by stepping.

Can we order sections capable of more racking?

Yes, You will need to specify the amount of slope for us to fabricate these special sections. This service is often provided at no additional cost to you. Ask your Vanguard dealer for details.

My Architect has designed an aluminum fence I have been unable to find in any manufacturers standard product line. Can you produce custom sections to my Architects specifications?

Yes, We will manufacture special aluminum fence designs to meet a customers requirement as long as the shapes and sizes specified by your Architect are readily available. We would encourage you to ask your architect to contact us directly for details on what specific information will be required in order to quote and manufacture your custom aluminum fence design.

How do your aluminum fence sections attach to the post?

Our sections and post are designed so that the section slide into the post. This creates a neat and more professional installation.

Can you attach an aluminum fence section onto a brick column?

Yes, we carry a full line of installation related accessories designed for this type of section installation.

Can you angle an aluminum fence line?

Yes, we carry an adjustable wall mount casting which will allow you to make angles in your fence line.

Do you manufacture radius sections?

Yes, we do manufacture radius sections but will encourage that you plan accordingly. Product limitations may create challenges on sharper radius and should be considered prior to constructing a radius structure you are wanting to follow. Please ask your Vanguard dealer for details.

Can I secure a post to a concrete patio without core drilling a hole?

Yes. The best method of doing this is to weld the post onto a plate. This method is significantly stronger than a floor flange or deck mount casting and doesn't have the limitation typical to these inferior types of post mounting systems.

Which of your aluminum fence styles meet swimming pool codes?

Although we specifically list all of our pool code compliant aluminum fences, we do encourage you to submit a detailed drawing to your local building and or zoning department for approval. Pool codes will vary and we can not guarantee that your requirements match those listed in the table above.

Please also note that an aluminum fence can meet all design criteria for swimming pool codes and still fail inspection. Your aluminum fence must be installed by a contractor knowledgeable in swimming pool codes. There are installation requirements needing to be considered.

The chart below details which Vanguard aluminum fence products meet code compliance for swimming pools.

BOCA Swimming Pool

Do you manufacture sweep or tapered aluninum fence sections?

Yes, We do manufactured two different styles of sweep or tapered sections which will allow for a 2' transition in height

Can your aluminum fences be used as a railing?

No. Our fences are designed to be used as a fence only and not a railing. We will not be responsible for any damages and or injuries resulting in our products being used in an application other than what the product was deigned for.